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Orthophthalic gel coat

Overview:Gel coatTypes ofHeyu Chemical Product CodeApplication fieldOrthophthalic gel coatPJXXXXXS/HGeneral FRP ProductsColor glue usage guideDear gel coat user:Gel coat is a kind of polyester coating, which protects the glass fiber reinforced plastic products…

Gel coat
Types of
Heyu Chemical Product Code
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Orthophthalic gel coat
General FRP Products

Color glue usage guide

Dear gel coat user:

Gel coat is a kind of polyester coating, which protects the glass fiber reinforced plastic products and makes the outer surface have the desired color for a long time. The rational use of gel coat is the key factor to make the product beautiful and reach the level of ^.

Jiangsu Heyu New Material Co., Ltd. is a supporting enterprise specializing in the production of FRP color paste, gel coat and other raw and auxiliary materials in Changwu area. To meet the needs of the market, our factory has fully introduced colored gel coats (top coats), and based on our practical experience, we have produced this guide for your reference, hoping to provide you with the basic information you need to optimize the use correctly Color gel coat. A good glass fiber reinforced plastic product has an inseparable relationship with the molding in addition to the selection of more suitable materials. Therefore, in order to obtain the ideal gel coat layer quality, it is recommended to refer to the following methods:

1. Purchase: Check the product name of the colored gel coat when purchasing to prevent misuse.
2. Storage: Each brand of gel coat should be stored separately in order, stored in a cool and dry place, and protected from open flames. In addition, it should be first in, first out.

3. Mold preparation: clean the mold thoroughly, wax and polish it after drying, be sure to apply a layer of release agent before using the new mold to ensure smooth demolding. The liquid release agent needs to be dried until it is not sticky, and the release wax needs to be wiped with a clean gauze before application (keep the construction site clean).

4. Preparation of gel coat: Stir gently and evenly in the original barrel before use, and avoid air mixing. If you want to pour out from the original barrel, please remember that it must be poured into a clean barrel and confirm whether the temperature of the gel coat is At the recommended operating temperature.

5. Working environment: Gel coat spraying should be carried out in an isolated area in the spraying room or workshop. The workshop must have good ventilation, sufficient light, dust-free, temperature between 18-25℃, and humidity not exceeding 70%.

6. Reference formula: 100 parts by weight of gel coat resin

Curing agent MEKP 1.5~2.5 parts

The amount of curing agent should be adjusted according to the current temperature and the temperature change after construction, generally not more than 2.5%, and a small amount of accelerator can be appropriately added if necessary under special circumstances. Before each batch of gel coat is used, a gel time test must be done before mass production.

7. Construction operation: After adding 1.5 to 2.5% curing agent MEKP to the gel coat, stir it thoroughly and start construction immediately.

Spray molding: check and clean the filter, choose a suitable spray gun according to the actual size, complexity and gel coat used, and adjust the working pressure and spray pattern to keep the spray gun parallel to the mold and keep the nozzle 50-80cm away from the mold surface , And perpendicular to it. After spraying once, the second spraying route is perpendicular to the first one. Generally, the required thickness can be reached about three times. The thickness of the wet film of the gel coat is controlled to be 0.5-0.8mm. The spray gun must be taken outside the mold to stop, and it must be cleaned in time after spraying. equipment.

Note: (1) Keep the construction site ventilated.
  (2) When spraying the gel coat, do not stop spraying in the middle, otherwise wrinkles are likely to occur.
  (3) The spray gun has two types: internal mixing and external mixing:
  A. The working pressure of internal mixing spray gun should not exceed 5kg/m2, and the dosage can be prepared at about 500g/m2;
  B, the use of external mixing spray gun requires curing agent ratio^.

Hand brush molding: Pour the required amount of gel coat into a clean and dry container, add the curing agent and stir evenly, then apply it evenly with a clean and soft paint brush, and clean the paint brush in time after use. (The recommended dosage is 500~600g/m2, and it can also be formulated according to actual product requirements.)

8. Inspection before layering: the gel coat should be gel-free (at least 1 hour) before starting the reinforcement layer. The gelling time in the mold groove needs to be lengthened. A small amount of ventilation or turning the mold can also be used to accelerate the setting. Glue, check whether all parts of the mold have evenly gelled

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