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Jiangsu Heyu New Material Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2016. The company covers an area of 50 acres. The predecessor Lihe FRP Decoration Factory and Changzhou Heyu Chemical Co., Ltd. were established in 1988 and 2001 respectively. The company currently has chemical engineers, There are 16 structural engineers and process engineers, 3 quality engineers, and 198 employees. The factory covers an area of about 35,000 square meters. The environmental protection projects are all advanced design and construction, and have passed the national acceptance. The factory is engaged in waterproof materials, colored gel coats, color pastes and FRP R&D and production of products.

Jiangsu Heyu New Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of two major departments: Materials Division and FRP Division. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Relying on years of accumulated experience and independent research and development in the composite material industry, the company’s current production formula and production technology have reached the high-quality level at home and abroad, and the focus on product quality has enabled Heyu’s production and sales to increase year by year in recent years. Heyu products have experienced more than ten years in the market. It has been tested for best-selling every year and has become one of the domestically produced and high-quality enterprises.

The Material Division is specialized in the research and production of various waterproof materials (gel coats) and FRP color pastes. The company also provides supporting supplies of FRP raw and auxiliary materials. The color waterproof materials produced by our company using new methods, new materials, and new processes have been widely used in many fields such as transportation, building materials, new energy, and boats. The raw materials produced have been successfully used in mechanical molding processes such as RTM, pultrusion, and molding. Some properties of high temperature and high weather resistance color pastes have reached international standards in the field of thermal curing that requires A-level surface.

At present, the FRP Division has production processes such as hand lay-up, spraying, L-RTM, and vacuum bag pressing. At the same time, it also reserves the installation positions for SMC, BMC, and LFD-T equipment. The factory has a strong reserve force. The products are mainly construction machinery. Medical equipment, bus parts, high-speed railways, aquaculture and other supporting facilities are exported to the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries. Since February 2016, it has established a strategic cooperative relationship with a glass fiber reinforced plastic company in the United States and obtained some American technology. Management concept.

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