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Weather-resistant and heat-resistant color

Overview:Color paste (pigment paste)Types ofHeyu Chemical Product CodeApplication fieldWeather-resistant and heat-resistant color pasteNSXXXXXGeneral outdoor products, higher requirements indoor products, general requirements molded and pultruded productsColor…

Color paste (pigment paste)
Types of
Heyu Chemical Product Code
Application field
Weather-resistant and heat-resistant color paste
General outdoor products, higher requirements indoor products, general requirements molded and pultruded products

Color paste instructions
The Heyu color paste produced by Jiangsu Heyu New Material Co., Ltd. includes various opaque color pastes, transparent color pastes, and DMC/SMC special color pastes, which are mainly used for coloring in gel coats and bedding resins of unsaturated resin molding systems. It is a paste formed by evenly dispersing pigments and other additives in special resins. It has good color fastness, light and heat stability, has minimal impact on resin curing, and can be firmly crosslinked with molding resins, and the pigments are fastened. Wrap it tightly. Heyu color paste has stable performance and long shelf life.

1. Usage: first mix a small amount of molding resin and color paste evenly, then add to the total amount of resin and stir evenly.
2. Dosage: Add 10% (weight ratio) to the gel coat to achieve a good covering effect. ^It can be added up to 15%, and the lesser added amount is 5-10%. It is not advisable to reduce the amount of products used outdoors. The adding amount in the laminated resin is 4-6%, when using black color paste, the adding amount is about 3%, not too much, so as not to affect the curing.
3. In order to achieve uniform thickness, spray gel coat and spray construction as much as possible. Don't use different color numbers to color by yourself, our factory can meet customers' special color matching needs.
4. In order to prevent fading, discoloration and blooming, the following points should be paid attention to:
A. The light resistance, heat, chemical stability, and atmospheric aging properties of the molding resin and gel coat have a great influence on the color fastness of the product, so you must choose it well.
B. Curing agents and accelerators should be selected strictly to ensure that they do not contain any amine components, otherwise the product will be easily discolored, and must be stirred evenly during the adding process to prevent local reactions from overlying and causing local discoloration.
In addition, the control of layup reinforcement, the temperature and humidity of the construction environment will also affect the color.
5. Before the construction of large projects, a small sample test should be done, and the formal construction should be carried out after the aging test, and each link should be strictly controlled to avoid losses.

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